Give us your ideas for new cycle routes

West Berkshire Council have asked Spokes for ideas for new cycle routes and facilities in the local area, so they can start working up schemes in advance of any funding becoming available from central government.

We are hopeful that funding for cycling schemes may be significantly increased following publication of the Get Britain Cycling report and it would be good to have schemes already prepared that we can pull off the shelf, so we can make the most of any funding opportunity.

If you have any ideas for new / improved cycle routes, cycle parking or any other scheme that would benefit local cyclists, then please let us know. You can use the contact form, or suggest an idea for discussion on the forum. We are hoping to compile a list to send to the council by 15th May.


Get Britain Cycling

On 24 April, the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group published the findings of their inquiry on how to Get Britian Cycling. Copies of the summary and main report can be accessed via the links below:

The report suggests that the UK should aim for 10% of all journeys to be undertaken by bicycle by 2025. In order to achieve this, it recommends that spending should be increased initially to £10 per head of population.

It advocates more segregated cycling facilities and lower speed limits in line with the successful Dutch model. It also suggests that all children should be offered cycle training.

A petition campaigning for the report’s recommendations to be implemented can be found below – we’re urging all our members to sign it:


Dr Bike

Spokes are running another Dr Bike session at Newbury Farmers Market on Sunday 5th May, where we will be doing bike checks and carrying out routine maintenance FREE OF CHARGE.

Our bike doctors can check and sort a variety of minor problems such as: punctures; noisy chains; slipping gears; squeaky brakes; and frayed cables.

If we can’t fix it on the spot, then we will tell you what needs doing and point you in the direction of your local bike shop. Remember that Spokes members get 10% discount on parts.